The Ensemble was founded on October 18, 2003 at the initiative of a group of accordionists,students of the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, leaded by Eugene Negruta.In just 5 years of work the band has managed to give a numerous concerts in Denmark, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, China, Azerbaijan, Croatia. Ensemble successfully performs also before moldavian audience, and from January 2007 "Concertino" is working in the Organ Hall. Most works in the repertoire of ensemble are adapted to the composition, arrangements belonging to the conductor and members of the group. The ensemble has recorded two CDs of Piazzolla's  tangos and "World music". "Concertino" became the winner of 8 international competitions of accordionists,including First Prize of International Competition "Citta di Castelfidardo" in the city with the most famous accordion factories in Italy (2006, 2008) .    - Grand Prix at the International Competition of Citta di Lanciano - Italy (October 2007).     - First Prize of the International Competition "From Baroque to Jazz",Poland,Wroclaw  (December  2007).     - First Prize of the International Competition in the Czech Republic,Prague (April  2008).    - First Prize of theInternational Competition in Croatia (April 2009).     - Grand Prix of the International Competition  "ASCOLTATE ", Lithuania,Prenai (June 2009). 

    - First Prize of the International Competition "Libertango",Italy (October 2009).

    - First Prize of the International Festival - Competition "World  Music",  Innsbruck - Austria (may 2010).

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